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    Finally! A high powered gearmotor solution for hobbyweight robots. For this geared motor, we combined a rugged Banebots 26:1 gearbox with a very powerful DuraTrax 550 motor, resulting in a bolt-in ready gearmotor that will provide plenty of power at a price that won't break the bank. You can replace the DuraTrax RS-550 motor with any RS-540, RS-545 or RS-555 or similar motor.

    Stages2 - 5:1, 5:1
    Gear Material Steel
    No Load Speed: 900 rpm
    Nominal Voltage: 12V DC
    Maximum Voltage: 24V DC
    Amps @ nominal: 1.5 Amps
    Peak Power:0.55 hp
    Stall current: 148A
    Stall torque: 145 in-lb
    Weight: 16.05 oz (455 grams)
    Size:1.5" (38.1mm) square
    Length:4.16" (106mm)
    Shaft diameter:1/2" (12.7mm)
    Shaft length:1.5" (38mm)
    Shaft Key 0.125in. (3.2mm)
    Shaft End Tap #10-32
    Mounting Holes (8) #10-32


    Gearbox Dimensions

    Overall Customer Rating of 4 Reviews:


    I use four gearmotors like this on a featherweight: I did not find something better on the market. So much power, but a great hunger of current. However, I am very pleased with this product.

    Bradenton, FL


    Love this thing. I use it in my 12, 15 and 30 pound robots for direct-to-wheel control. I have had very few problems, mostly that you may need to occasionally tighten the screws holding the gearbox together, and the screws holding the motor face to the gearbox, but if I was smart, I'd simply use LocTite on those screws anyway. In any case, this thing is awesome, I can't imaging using anything else to drive robots of this size.

    Used four of these in a 30 pound combat robot and had no issues. They can be amp hungry at times, which you will need to make sure your electrical system can handle. With 4 of them, I was able to sit on top of the robot and move around, so I believe the torque rating to be accurate.

    I was looking for a small fast gearmotor with lots of power and the specs on this one are great. The actual perfomance falls way short. Specs should be checked. Says 2383 oz-in stall, might be more like 238 oz-in! Nice package though.