Power Switches

Momentary Rocker Switch
A momentary rocker switch for when you need to rock momentarily.


Red Rocker Off-On Switch
This bright red on-off rocker switch is perfect for small projects in need of a power switch.


Round Red Pushbutton On-Off Switch
A big, round, red pushbutton on-off power switch.


Round Red Momentary Pushbutton Switch
A big, round, red pushbutton momentary switch.


FingerTech Mini Power Switch
Has your robot been lacking a high-current power switch? Tired of plugging and unplugging the battery during an intense competition?


PowerEdge PowerSwitch with Universal Connectors
The PowerEdge PowerSwitch is a CNC Machined Receiver / Ignition switch with a built in Charge Jack.


PowerEdge PowerSwitch with Deans Connectors
Utilizing a ultra high quality 20 Amp toggle switch, the PowerSwitch can handle the largest RC Giant Aircraft.


Hella Master Power Switch
Probably the most popular Master Power Switch in the sport. Don't be fooled by the generic imitations, this is the true German-made Hella-brand switch.


Hella Extra Plastic Key
Extra plastic key for the Hella Master Switch.


U.S. General Extra Plastic Key
Extra plastic key for the U.S. General Master Switch.


701 Contour Master Power Switch
This is the highest current-handling switch we carry. Over 1200 amps!


75 Amp Push/Pull Power Switch
This is a very popular power switch for robots in many weight classes. It can handle a continuous 75 amps easily, and has been battle-tested by many robots.


Universal Switch with Charging jack
Simple universal-style power switch with RC charging jack.!


5A Momentary Switch
A high amperage normally open (N.O.) momentary switch, perfect for all your momentary switch needs!


10A Rocker Switch 3-pin, SPDT
This single-pole, double-throw (SPDT) rocker switch makes a great on/off power switch.


Tamiya 6P Slide Switch - set of 2
Package of two 6P Slide Switches from Tamiya


Tamiya 5A Micro Switch
Package contains one 6 volt, 5 amp micro switch.


Tamiya 6P Toggle Switch
Package contains one 6 volt, 5 amp 3-position toggle switch.


Switch/Charge Jack Mounting Set
This device allows you to install your radio's ON/OFF switch and charge jack in one location, using a single mount.


5-Output Power Bus
This 5-output power bus distributes power from a power supply to up to five electrical devices.




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