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Foam Cure EPP Foam Glue 4oz
Price: $8.99
Availability: Discontinued
Bob Smith Industries Item #: BSI142H -

FOAM-CURE is a silicone based adhesive that works very well on EPP and EPO foams. It is crystal clear and cures to a more flexible consistency than CA. It is, however, not instant bonding like CA and there is no accelerator to speed it's curing. To obtain a faster initial bond when bonding two pieces, FOAM-CURE can be applied to one piece and after the two are joined, they can then be pulled apart. After letting it air dry for about ten minutes, FOAM-CURE will act like a contact cement when...

Zap Foam Safe Kicker Pump, 2oz
Price: $6.39
Availability: Discontinued
Zap Item #: PAAPT28 -

Safe on most foam products. Compatible with most other Foam Safe CAs. Works on Balsa, Spruce, Plywood, Plastic and Metals, etc. Forces most CAs to cure in 10 seconds or less. Increases Gap filling and fillet forming compability. Non-fuming formula.2oz. Medium viscosity. 0-PAAPT28