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    The Orangutan robot controller is a complete control solution for small robots. It includes an 8-character x 2-line liquid crystal display, two bi-directional motor ports, a buzzer, three pushbuttons, and up to 12 user I/O lines, yet the compact module measures only 2.00" x 1.85" and weighs less than 1 ounce. Because of the complete feature set, very few additional components (such as sensors or motors) need to be added to complete the electronic portion of a small robot. The small package allows for greater flexibility in incorporating the electronics into the mechanical design of a robot.

    The Orangutan is based on Atmel's ATmega168 AVR microcontroller, which features 16 Kbytes of flash program memory, 1024 bytes of SRAM, and 512 bytes of EEPROM. Up to 8 channels of 10-bit analog-to-digital conversion are also available. Because the user has direct access to the microcontroller, any development software for Atmel's AVR microcontrollers, including Atmel's free AVR Studio and the WinAVR GCC C/C++ compiler, is compatible with the Orangutan. An in-circuit programmer, such as our USB AVR programmer, is required for programming the Orangutan.

    The Orangutan input voltage is 5-10 V, making it well-suited for use with small DC motors and 5- to 8-cell NiCd or NiMH battery packs. The motor driver can supply up to a maximum of 1 A per motor channel, subject to power dissipation requirements. Total power consumption (with motors and buzzer off) is under 15 mA.

    Overall unit dimensions: 2.00" x 1.85"
    Input voltage: 5-10 V
    2 bidirectional motor ports connected to LB1836M motor driver (1 A maximum per channel)
    Programmable 8 MHz Atmel ATmega168 AVR microcontroller (16 kB flash, 1 kB SRAM, 512 bytes EEPROM)
    12 user I/O lines, 10 of which can be used for digital I/O and 8 of which can be used as analog input channels
    8-character x 2-line LCD
    3 user pushbutton switches
    1 user LED
    User potentiometer tied to ADC7

    ProcessorATmega168 @ 8 MHz
    RAM Size 1024 bytes
    Motor Driver LB1836M
    Motor Channels 2
    User I/O Lines 12 (10 may be used as digital I/Os, and 8 may be used as analog inputs)
    Max Current on a Single I/O 40 mA
    Minimum Operating Voltage 5V
    Maximum Operating Voltage 10V
    Continuous Output Current per Channel 0.5A
    Peak Output Current per Channel 1A
    Reverse Voltage Protection? Yes
    External Programmer Required?Yes
    LCD Included? Yes
    Size2.00 x 1.85in.


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