MegaMoto GT Motor Control Shield for Arduino

MegaMoto GT Motor Control Shield for Arduino (MMGT)

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The Robot Power MegaMoto GT™ is a low-cost robust H-bridge "shield" for the Arduino™ and hardware compatible base units. The built-in cooling fan and heatsinks allow the MegaMoto GT to handle high current loads without overheating. Up to...
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I rate the product 5 out of 5. I bought the product directly from manufacturer which gave excellent sales support.

I used the board with an Arduino uno. The supplied software worked very well and provides bi-directional control of the motor at varying speeds.

I like the sold contacts so the user does not have to worry about shorts when connecting the board to the battery and the motor.

The board comes with colored leds which help in setting up the board.

The board has a quiet on board fan. I recommend this product.

Reviews 1-1 of 1