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Coverite 21st Century Trim Sealing Iron
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Price: $21.99
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Item #: COVR2750 -

This is Coverite's 21st Century Trim Sealing Iron withFlat and Rounded Shoe.This is used to apply detail covering or stripes onto your airplane.FEATURESGreat for hard to reach places using specially-designed tips forfillets, curves, and corners.High and Low settings let you choose the best temperature for yourcovering material.Heat Range Settings from 105° to 305°F with Sliding Button.Shoes have a Blackstone finish to prevent sticking to covering1 year warranty.INCLUDESOne Trim Seal...

Coverite Black Baron Sealing Iron
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Price: $19.99
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Item #: COVR2550 -

This is the Coverite Black Baron Sealing Iron used to apply fabric or filmonto model airplane kits. It has a One Year Warranty.FEATURESUses 110V AC power source and reaches between 150° to 475°F.165 Watts of powerAdvanced wing design: the specially-designed "wings" allow easybonding of covering, even on convex corners such as fillets andtail joints.Thermostatically controlled; just dial thermostat to desiredsetting to maintain even and constant heat. Thermostat featuresON/OFF...

Coverite Balsarite Film 8 oz
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Price: $10.99
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Item #: COVR2515 -

Balsarite is a Clear Liquid that is used to Prep the Wood Surface Before Applying Covering. Balsarite absorbs into the wood to waterproof, strengthen, and increase the adhesion.**NOT FOR USE ON MICAFILM**FEATURESThis is for use with Film Coverings such as MonoKote, TowerKote,EconoKote, UltraCote, 21st Century Film, Black Baron Film andother similar coveringsCan be Applied to Fuel-Soaked Wood so that Covering can be Reapplied.INCLUDESOne 8 ounce Can of Balsarite Film Formula.0-COVR2515 ...