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CellMeter 7 Battery Monitor
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Availability: Discontinued
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Features 2-7 cells Li-Ion/Li-Poly/LiFE 4-7 cells NiCad/NiMH Shows: Cell Voltages / Remaining Capacity Works with 2.54mm pin spacing like JST XH connectors No internal battery required Now with Balance Funtion Cell Meter 7 Specs LiPo LiFe Li-Ion Nicad NiMH Number of Cells 2-7 2-7 2-7 4-7 4-7 Total Voltage Y Y Y Y Y Battery Capacity 0-99% Y Y Y N N Individual Cell Voltage* Y Y Y N N Lowest Cell Voltage* Y Y Y N N Highest Cell Voltage Y Y Y N N Voltage Variance between High and Low Cells* Y Y Y N...