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    16 Gauge silicone wire with 660 strands of pure copper pre-tinned for easy soldering and corrosion resistance. Not quite as flexible as the Wet Noodle, but still much more 'flexy' than most wire.

    This is great wire to use when you don't need the thicker 12 or 14 gauge wire. For lower-current applications and smaller robots.

    Sold by the foot and by each color. If you want both colors, you need to add the first to your cart, then return here and then add the next color.

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    Deans Ultra Wire 16awg

    I bought both red and black and use this wire with mosfets. It was either this or 16awg fep teflon wire. I wish I went with the teflon. Pros: silver wire conducts very very well Cons: Little thicker than 16awg -protective coating(outer layer) is not durable; similar to silicone wire. -modifying the gearbox is absolutely necessary as to not pinch the wires

    Deans Ultra Wire 16 Gauge (Red and Black)

    Very flexible and supple, just what I needed for motor power extension wires for motor in tail (top of Vertical Stabilizer).