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    This is THE actual motor used on the FIRST version of heavyweight robot, Nightmare, way back at the very first BattleBots in Long Beach 1999! Yes, this is the actual motor used! Own a piece of robot combat history!

    It is a custom-wound motor made by Western Motors in California, USA. Original part number is W-9838. They changed the windings on this for me to make it even more torque than the original motor was designed for. These things were originally designed for large yachts, in a winch application, hauling big anchors off the bottom of the ocean!

    The motor is a reversible series-wound motor, meaning it can be reversed depending on which terminal is used on top. The case is always ground (-), and you input your 12VDC positive (+) to one of the two terminals on top to get it to spin in either direction. This motor is NOT reversible using standard Electronic Speed Controllers!

    Since I stopped using this motor on Nightmare, I always thought it would make an excellent Go-Kart motor. It is very torquey and fast! I just never got around to making the Kart, so maybe the new owner can use it for another robot project, or cool custom Kart. Or maybe it will end up in a museum or something. Better than sitting in my garage on the shelf any longer!

    This motor does NOT include a mounting bracket, it is just as you see it in the photo. See the other listing here for the spare motor (never used in battle) that includes a bracket.

    12VDC input (probably could be run higher, I never tried)
    Bi-Directional Series-Wound
    2-post motor
    5/8 inch keyed output shaft, 1.75 inch long
    approximate weight: 19.0 lb
    estimated Horsepower: 3.5hp

    *Note this motor is being sold AS-IS. It ihas been bench tested to work fine, but it has been sitting a while. No returns will be available on this purchase.

    *Please note: There is only ONE of these available. If you don't see the words "In Stock: 1" above, then it has already sold!