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    As small as an RCE200 D-Switch, this inline servo signal processor lets you run a forward-only ESC on a transmitter toggle switch -- without paying the penalty of high starting current and mechanical drive shock. Just select the max delay time with the onboard DIP switches, plug into your Victor SC, Thor SC, or Astroflight ESC and you're ready to go.

    The RCE550A comes prewired with 6in. male and female Futaba J-style connectors. All you have to do is plug it in and select the time delay you want!

    Operation is simple: when you first power-on the RCE550A, it immediately passes the input signal to the output. From then on, it slows the input signal from the R/C receiver to the output device by whatever full-scale time range you set. In the event of an invalid or missing signal, the RCE550A doesn't generate any signal at all allowing the device being slowed to engage its own failsafe mechanism. When a valid signal returns it slowly tracks to that new setting.

    Other than the exception for the first instance at power-on, the RCE550A will slow all transitions it receives from the R/C receiver. For instance, if you have the Tx stick at +100%, turn off the Tx, move the stick to -100% and then turn the Tx back on, the RCE550A will smooth the transition from +100% down to -100%.

    This interface is very useful when using the IFI Robotics "Spin Controller" products. Tying the RCE550A to a TX channel with an on/off toggle switch yields a useful human interface to controlling a high power motor while limiting the amount of current consumed at low RPMs. In addition, the RCE550A obviates the need for a PWM buffer to the IFI Robotics products. This interface also works well with the Astroflight 207D and 212D products.

    Supply voltage: 3.8 - 5.5 vdc (four RX Nicads MAX!)
    Supply current: 7ma
    Granularity: 200 steps full scale
    Width: 0.6in. (15mm)
    Length: 1.6in. (41mm)


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