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    The Porters are tough, low cost, single direction controllers that can work from 12V to 48V without adjustment. Particularly suitable for karts, golf caddies, electric bikes, equipment handling, and industrial applications, they are designed to be simple to install and use, and have very simple wiring. They are also often used to give a soft start.


    - Adjustable acceleration and deceleration ramps allow smooth, controllable performance. - Integral box and heatsink.
    - Reverse polarity protection.
    - Pot fault detection.
    - 1 minute current 120A. Continuous current 100A [with suitable extra heatsink].
    - Regenerative braking.
    - Input 4k7 ohm to 20k ohm potentiometer, direct voltage control, or PWM control by Pi or Arduino etc.
    - Can accept a Hall effect throttle on 12v or 24v [10mA max, contact support for use on higher voltages].


    Nominal voltage range12 – 48
    Minimum / maximum voltage10 – 55
    Motor current A [max]190
    Motor current A [1 minute]120
    Motor current A [continuous]100 [depends on mounting / cooling]
    Half speed reversen/a
    Regen brakingY
    Gain adjustmentN
    Dimensions [mm]136 x 62 x 35
    Weight [g]145
    Power connections6.3mm push-on blades
    Input5k to 25k pot, 0 – 4V, Hall effect 6mA max @48V
    Reverse polarity protectionY
    Over voltage protectionY [68V]
    Under voltage protectionY [8V]
    Pot fault protectionY [>50k]
    Thermal protectionN
    Current limit – driveY
    Current limit – regenn/a
    High pot lockoutN
    Joystick/Wig-wag inputn/a
    Radio Controlask
    Selectable dual ramp reversingn/a
    Pre-select Reversingn/a
    RampingAcceleration and deceleration adjustable between 0.1S and 5S
    Parking brakeN
    Inhibit functionN
    Powerdown state (motor)Diode
    Tacho feedbackask
    Ignition, Electronicpot
    HeatsinkBasic integral
    Double headingn/a
    Switching frequency20 kHz


    Owner's Manual