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    The AIM Top Hell-Fire piston is pr-customized and optimized to be the perfect piston for any AEG gearbox setup. Inspired and modeled after the "customized" pistons by top Airsoft technicians in the world, the Hell-Fire Piston features a full rack of CNC steel teeth to provide the maximum durability you would find in a full metal piston. The AIM Top piston also features a light weight body made out of hard polycarbonate with all the unnecessary parts already shaved off for a perfect light weight and durability equilibrium. Ultimately, your AEG will enjoy the best of both world from the metal and polycarbonate pistons with both durability and performance!

    Manufacturer: Matrix OEM: AIM Top. (Matrix is USA Distributor for AIM Products.)

    Full rack of CNC steel teeth for maximum durability.
    Pr-Cut piston body with no unnecessary weight for optimized performance.
    Works for all applications (high torque / standard / high speed).
    Spare CNC teeth strips available for future replacement without replacing entire piston.
    Enhances rate of fire.
    Widened steel teeth for enhanced gripping and durability.
    Universally compatible with all major piston head designs.
    Universally compatible with bore-up and standard bore applications.