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    Probably the most user-friendly programmable motor controller available. Programming is easy, using the (optional) low-cost combined display / programmer unit.

    - Will function as a standard controller without any programming.
    - Optional display shows system state and battery voltage.
    - Programmable control over many features including:
          - Acceleration.
          - Deceleration.
          - Maximum power.
          - Dead band.
          - Sounder [for reversing and audible problem alert]
    - Pot learning feature allows:
          - Single ended, or joystick mode [wig-wag].
          - Fine tuning of input values
    - 10 memories for different configurations.
    - Continuous diagnostics monitors controller and system.
    - Thermal overload protection.
    - Under and over voltage protection.
    - Reverse polarity protection.
    - Integral box and heatsink [suitable for most applications].
    - Built-in heavy duty reversing relays.
    - 16V to 48V without adjustment.
    - Peak current 150A. 1 minute current 80A. Continuous current 60A [heatsink dependant].
    - Parking brake driver for vehicle applications.
    - Regenerative braking.
    - Input 1k ohm to 15k ohm potentiometer, direct voltage control, or PWM control by Pi or Arduino etc.

    Display / programmer
    The programmer and the display are the same unit – in two halves so they can be separated once initial programming is done. The display, once the controller has been installed, is used to show battery state and to give a visible indication of any fault detected.

    Simple wiring
    All the essential inputs are on one 6-way connector. More advanced features are on a separate connector. See the support tab for the instruction manual, wiring diagrams, and instructions for double heading..

    The on-board computer monitors the controller and much of the external system. Should a fault be detected, the computer will shut down the controller and give an indication of the fault audibly and on the (optional) external display.

    Special programming becomes possible so that 4QD may introduce special features such as
    - Radio control
    - Serial control from PC
    - Positional servo control
    - Time profiled current limiting
    - Log of system faults detected


    Nominal voltage range16 – 48
    Minimum / maximum voltage16 – 55
    Motor current A [max]165
    Motor current A [1 minute]150
    Motor current A [continuous]60 [depends on mounting / cooling]
    Half speed reverseProgrammable
    Regen brakingY
    Gain adjustmentProgrammable
    Dimensions [mm]145 x 102 x 38 [board], 181 x 121 x 46 [boxed]
    Weight [g]Board = 320g, boxed = 630g,
    Power connections9.5mm push-on blades
    Input1k – 15k pot, or 0 – 4.7V
    Reverse polarity protectionY
    Overvoltage protectionY [60V]
    Under voltage protectionY [8V]
    Pot fault protectionY
    Thermal protectiontrip @95’C
    Current limit – driveY
    Current limit – regenY
    High pot lockoutY
    Joystick/Wig-wag inputProgrammable
    Radio ControlVia DMR-203
    Selectable dual ramp reversingProgrammable
    Pre-select ReversingN
    RampingAcceleration and deceleration programable between 0.1S and 15S
    Parking brakeY [1A max] Delay and threshold programmable
    Inhibit functionY
    Powerdown state (motor)shorted
    Tacho feedbackask
    Ignition, ElectronicY
    HeatsinkIntegral with boxed version
    Double headingY
    Switching frequency20 kHz