Item #: NPC-G1410
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    This 14:1 gear set is designed to replace the original 20:1 found in our T64 and T74 motors. What results is the drive shaft RPMs will increase by 50%. Beware, this puts added stress on the gears, and will increase the chance of gear failure. Renders no change in overall motor weight. Gear set includes the cast aluminum bell housing. Comes assembled.

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    Fast now!

    Shipping took forever. Not cheap, but you get what you pay for. I have had this set of npc motor/gear box for a long time. used them in a few builds. Now in a insane power wheel build for the grandkids. damn it does about 17.5 miles an hour on 36 volts with the new gearing. Scary thing is this thing is unstoppable. could run into a brick wall and the wheels would just spin. Thanks robot marketplace for having such youneek parts.

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