MMP-5 Mechanical Mobile Platform
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  • MMP-5 Mechanical Mobile Platform
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    These robot platforms were designed with versatility in mind. We wanted to build a workhorse that could be used in many applications. These applications may include, education, research and development, service and inspection, surveillance and security, exploration, hazardous duty, trade shows, robotic competitions, personal projects, or even entertainment.

    The MMP platforms come with dual PWM electronic speed controls that utilize the R/C standard control signal. This is the same signal that is used to control standard hobby servo motors. The signal  is a 1.0 ms to 2.0 ms pulse rate with 1.5 ms being the "dead zone". This means that by varying a pulsed signal with timing between 1 and 2 milliseconds you can control the left and right hand drive motors in fully proportional forward and reverse.

    Utilizing this control format allows the use of  standard hobby receivers to control the MMP's as well as most micro controllers such as the Basic Stamp, the Scott Edwards servo controller board and  Lynxmotion's First Step and Next Step boards. This also means that the MMP's are great for directly transplanting your robots "brains" and sensors from existing projects and kits.

    Alternately, you may also choose the Serial controller option, so you may control this unit from a computer or other RS-232 interface.

    The MMP platforms come with a hard, Black Anodized chassis. This gives them a tougher scratch-resistant coating and a nice look.

    Drive4 Wheel drive (Geolanders tires as below)
    SuspensionSemi-Pneumatic Tires
    Chassis2-piece Aluminum Chassis
    Motors4 x 12VDC Gearhead motors
    Speed3.5 feet/second
    Motor Control2 x 12 Amp PWM Controllers
    1.0-2.0 MS Signal (R/C Std.)
    Optional Serial Control
    Batteries12V 1700maH NiCad
    Run Time1 hour +
    Payload4 lb
    Height4.1 inches
    Length10.25 inches
    Width10.25 inches

    This unit does not come with R/C controller.
    You will also need a NiMh battery charger.

    For more information about this product, go to the Machine Lab web site, then make sure to come back here to place your order!

    This product is custom-made, and may take up to 7 days to manufacture.


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