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    This little motor takes the Copal line another step further with its all-metal gears at a ratio of 50 to 1. We've tested this motor extensively, and were extremely impressed at it's performance.

    There are now TWO different versions of this motor- one with a 6V motor, and one with a 12V motor. Since we know many builders will opt to overvolt these motors anyway to 12+ volts, we had Copal develop a new 6V version of this motor, just for the Robot MarketPlace! Both motor models have wire leads soldered onto the back. Check out the stats below.

    Note that this motor's gearbox is exposed, so it's best for use in a bot where it is enclosed. If you need to, you could wrap a layer of thin CF or foil around the gearbox if you're worried about grit getting inside.

    Output Speed:
    330rpm @ 12V
    180rpm @ 6V
    Stall Torque:
    53.35 oz-in (3842 g-cm) @ 12V
    32.40 oz-in (2333 g-cm)@ 6V
    1.3" (33mm) long, 5/8" (16mm) diameter
    0.71oz (20.1 g)
    Gear Ratio:
    Metal Spur gear 50:1
    Stall Current:
    Stall at 1.5a
    Shaft Info:
    unique shaft, 4mm round with 2 flats


    These motors are pretty good as long as you make sure that the axles are aligned perfectly with your wheel. Despite these motors being metal gears, if you connect the shaft to a wheel and then hit the wheel upwards, the gears will break. I've had this happen to three motors after the wheels on the motors hit the ground.