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    This is a great solution for a small, low-profile, powerful gearmotor kit. Complete 24v drive assembly kit. Kit includes: one motor, one wheel, aluminum plates, bearings and gear set. Specially designed for 60 to 120 pound robots.

    The 4:1 20p gears are made from A311 stress-proof steel. The mounting plate & bearing block is 1/2" 6061 aluminum and all holes are pre-drilled, all hardware and bearings is included. The output axle is 1/2" keyed steel. All parts included in one price.

    Aluminum mountings; Large- 5.25" x 3.2" x .5", bearing. Small- 2.25" x 3.2" x .5", bearing.
    Steel gears; large- 48 tooth 20 pitch .5", small- 12 tooth 20 .75" w/ 2 set screws.
    Steel drive shaft- .5" x 4" (between plates when assembled) .125" keyed.

    WheelMPHFt/secTotal Weight
    6"14218.1 lbs


    Overall Customer Rating of 2 Reviews:

    NPC-K2446 motor/gearbox/wheel kit

    All the parts are well made and the packing in the box is beyond excellent. One complaint that lost the product a half star in my situation; is that two bolt holes in the mounting plate are located such that they are partially behind the gear. This caused a lock nut on the end of a threaded rod to actually hit the back of the gear when using the suggested washer spacing. If the spacing is changed then it will barely clear before the wheel rubs the outside mount. This necessitated my making a custom motor mount that bolts to the motor-side of the plate which had to be machined with a radius to clear the motor. This issue will not be applicable to everyones design but in the future it would be nice to see a little more plate material added and those two bolt holes moved 1/2" or so along the "X" axis so that they clear the gear completely. Other than this caveat I give this product a very high rating.

    It is nicely made and if you plan on adapting this to make a custom drive train as i did, it is a great start. The spacers are perfectly sized to run #35 chain off the 1/2 axle.