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    This is a great solution for a small, low-profile, powerful gearmotor kit. Complete 24v drive assembly kit. Kit includes: one motor, one wheel, aluminum plates, bearings and gear set. Specially designed for 60 to 120 pound robots.

    The 4:1 20p gears are made from A311 stress-proof steel. The mounting plate & bearing block is 1/2" 6061 aluminum and all holes are pre-drilled, all hardware and bearings is included. The output axle is 1/2" keyed steel. All parts included in one price.

    Aluminum mountings; Large- 5.25" x 3.2" x .5", bearing. Small- 2.25" x 3.2" x .5", bearing.
    Steel gears; large- 48 tooth 20 pitch .5", small- 12 tooth 20 .75" w/ 2 set screws.
    Steel drive shaft- .5" x 4" (between plates when assembled) .125" keyed.

    WheelMPHFt/secTotal Weight
    4"10147.4 lbs