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    This controller uses linear slider potentiometers to generate signals to control any hobby servo that responds to the RC PWM signal. This product is commonly used to control servos in a non-wireless condition where this product replaces a standard RC radio. This simplifies operation where wireless functionality is not needed. It features a machined plastic housing and precision slider potentiometers to create a precise servo controller. Once coupled to servos, this controller maintains servo position until you move the slider. Great for camera mounts, pan tilts, robotics control and testing, creative Halloween decorations etc. Does not include power adapter. The Simple Slider has the added advantage over the Rugged Slider of not requiring a separate DB-25 cable as the servos connect direct into the box. Note that all channels are fully proportional. The long travel of the sliders allows amazing precision and control.

    Here's how it works:
    ¨ Connect Slider to a 5-30VDC power source (sold separately, 5V, 1A DC with 5x2 barrel jack, center positive)
    ¨ Connect your servos into the Simple Slider box
    ¨ Switch on the controller (LED will illuminate)
    ¨ That's it. You will now be able to move the sliders and see your servos move

    ¨ This unit provides 4 channels to control 4 servos. It provides 90 degrees of travel. This is the default for most hobby RC radios.
    ¨ Header for direct connection of servos
    ¨ 5-30VDC input
    ¨ 2.5A max output for servos
    ¨ Works with all major brands of servos
    ¨ Dimensions: TBD 4.7 in X 3.9 in X 1.9 in