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    This is the Hyperion EOS 0720i Super Duo balance charger. The 0720i Super Duo provides a wide feature set, including 20 amp charge rates and 500 watts of power per side, with 1000 watts available in Sync mode, making this one of the most powerful chargers available! 7S batteries can be charged effortlessly in Solo mode and when Sync mode is enabled you have the power to charge two batteries up to 7S each as a one 14S, with proven Hyperion reliability! Specifications: 1-7 cells Li-Poly, Li-Ion, LiHV or A123 charger / balancers 1-16 cells NiCad / NiMH 1-12 cells Sealed Lead Acid per port. DC Output: 20.0A, 500W max per port. DC Input: 10.5-29V. EOS0720ISD3

    Most versatile charger on the market today!
    Ultimate charger for those who want to save time by charging two packs at once.
    Charge 1-7 LiPo/LiHV, 1-7 LiFePO4/A123, 1-16 NIMH-NICD, 1-12 Lead Acid cells per port
    Up to 20 amp charge rate per port
    1000W max charge output(500W per port)
    10.5-29V DC only (needs a separate power supply)
    Comes with built-in Dataport and supplied USB cable
    Comes with two Integrated LBA Balancers
    Includes two Hyperion and Align/JST-XH 2S-7S Multi-Adapters
    1-year guarantee

    This Hyperion charger is incredibly versatile and has 9 available modes!
    Charge only mode(SOLO or SYNC)
    Balance Charge mode(SOLO or SYNC)
    Balance only mode (SOLO or SYNC)
    Cycle mode
    Discharge mode(40W per port w/ 5A max current)
    Lipo & LiFePO4/A123 Storage mode(Allows fast and simple discharge to 60-70% capacity for proper storage voltage which equals longer battery life)
    This charger is capable of balance charging two Lipo packs up to 7S each at once with no additional accessories to purchase. In this case, you can charge two separate but similar Lipo or LiFePO4/A123 packs up to 7S each as a single 14S unit in "SYNC" mode at 1000W max charge power or you can charge two completely different packs in "SOLO" mode on each port at the same time.

    This charger is carefully designed with many built-in safety features such as reverse polarity protection, input voltage error warning, and cell count mismatch warnings for lithium chemistry batteries.
    Power Supply Load Control

    Terminal Capacity Selection (TCS) and Terminal Voltage Control (TVC)

    Temperature Sensor Port

    20 User-definable Memory Positions per port(40 total)

    Note: This charger requires a 12-24V DC power source with at least a 40A output. 



    Owner's Manual