Item #: HL701
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    Need a bigger, heavy duty switch for your current-hungry bot? This big boy has a hard-to-miss large red knob with two positions, on and off (90 degrees to each other). The knob is non-removable when in these positions, so you don't need to fumble for special tools or a key. However, this switch features a unique setup where you can remove the knob in the OFF position, by pushing and twisting it 45 degrees CCW. This is the highest current-handling switch we carry.

    - Continuous rating: 275 amps
    - Intermittent Rating: 455 Amps
    - Crank Rating: 1250 Amps
    - Voltage Rating: 48 Volts
    - Surface or Recess mount
    - Bring wires in from any of 4 sides
    - Includes 3 removable side panels that can fit any of the sides
    - Bottom plastic panel to completely isolate all connections
    - 3/8" tin plated copper studs and nuts
    - 2.75 x 2.75 x 3in.
    - Assembled weight: 7 oz