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    Great power and speed, light weight and very efficient, this incredible little motor is one great value, and under an ounce each!

    The built-on 30:1 gearhead provides a great amount of torque to the wheels while still being quite zippy. We recommend using our Foam Tires with this motor, as they provide good shock absorption for the small gearhead (not recommended for larger than 2" diameter wheels). Pre-wired with about 4" long leads.

    Voltage: 4.8-9V
    Only 1.43" (36.3mm) long, 5/8" (16mm) diameter
    Weight: .88oz (24.9g)
    3.5 oz-in rated torque @ 6V
    11 oz-in stall torque @ 6V
    770rpm @ 12V
    390rpm @ 6V
    Stall at 1.3a (Avoid stalling, to prevent gear damage)
    3mm diameter shaft with 5mm long flat
    Two M2 mounting holes on the face of the gearbox
    Sleeve bearings and resin gears for quiet operation and long life.




    Overall Customer Rating of 4 Reviews:

    Waaaaay smaller than expected ..let's see how it goes

    I was looking for B16 alternatives and this was also mentioned as a more robust alternative to the very weak fingertech motors.

    My fault, I should have scrutinized the numbers more thoroughly. Upon closer inspection, they certainly seem to be more durable than the fingertech units.

    We are using these for wheel motors, not weapons, so maybe they'll hold up?

    I will update this after actually testing them on the bot (3lb).


    An alternative to beetleweight

    We needed the B16 motor to our "Frango" beetleweight robot, but it's in backorder, so after a long search we decided to use this motor because it's lighter and smaller tham B16. It's a good choise and we recommend for all robot market place comunity! PUCPR Mobile Robotics Team.

    Great motor :)

    this motor is awesome. Its really fast and has a good amount of torque for a one pound two wheeled drive bot.

    This is a great motor, very high quality, very durable. Would definitely buy again.