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    A programmable fail-safe unit, designed to return the signal from your receiver (running to your servo, speed controller, etc), back to a pre-defined brake position in the event of a signal loss to your receiver, or when the receiver's input voltage drops below 4.0 volts.

    A failsafe is critical in all combat robots, and is required for nearly all competitions. If your radio/receiver or speed controllers are not capable of a programmable failsafe position, you will need one of these for each of your receiver's outputs that you are using for a motion device.

    This unit is very simple to hook up inline from your receiver to your speed controller/servo, and is easy to program with the touch of a button. The Air Guard Micro Failsafe has a status LED. A solid green LED means normal operation. A solid orange LED means brake position set. Solid red LED means signal loss, and failsafe engaged. Flashing LED between red & orange means low battery voltage.

    Compact - only 0.75" x 0.5" x 0.27"
    Lightweight - only 0.13 oz (3.9 grams)
    Operating Voltage - 4.0V - 8.0V