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    Color: Black
    Detonation Time: Adjustable from 1~8 seconds.
    Propels: Airsoft 6mm bbs or simulated smoke.
    Package includes: 1 x Hand Grenade, 3 x Powder / BB Disks
    Power: Airsoft Green gas or propane adapter. Can also be operated with CO2 or compressed air at 75-80psi by using the grenade charger and regulator.

    Usage Instruction: To detonate the SY Hand Grenade, hold the grenade in the throwing hand, thumb over the safety lever, pull the safety pin (pull force of 5??0 pounds), and throw! When the spoon flips up the countdown begins!

    Realistic functionality: Pull the pin, throw and it detonates seconds later!
    1:1 Scale replica of a military type hand grenade!
    Light weight designed for long range tossing.
    Designed for scenario based Airsoft gaming.
    Excellent training tool for both the military and law enforcements.
    Powered by 134A green gas, and can also be operated with CO2 or compressed air at 75-80psi by using the grenade charger and regulator.
    Can be loaded with powder or 6mm Airsoft bb for different effects.
    Can be converted to a booby trap!
    Create realistic conditions and tactical concerns without the danger!

    Frequent Asked Questions:

    1. What type of gas we can use?
    PFI suggests to use 134A or green gas for safety purpose, using othertype of strong pressure gas may damage the structure of the product.
    2. Do I need to fully inject gas before operation?
    The more gas you inject, the higher the internal pressure so user can trydifferent amount of gas to get the best result for their own purpose.However, one small injection is enough for demonstrating the grenade operation.
    3. How many BB can be put inside the gas can?
    We have tried to put 8 BBs and still get good performance, putting toomany BBs may not be ejected during explosion.
    4. Can I use other powder?
    PFI suggests user to use only PFI's powder disc, using other type of powder orliquid may damage the internal structure.
    5. Can I adjust the time to explosion?
    Yes, we have a timer structure for user to adjust the time to explosion,just simply adjust the mounting screws to fine tune the timing.
    6. Can I use PFI-828 under water?
    Yes, PFI-828 is water proof, you can set your grenade and put it under water. The explosion is even stronger than in open air.