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    This motor offers 50 in.-oz. of torque, rotating 360 degrees every 1.6 seconds (38 rpm - just a hair slower than a servo), at 5V, drawing 600mA at stall (free running at 52mA).

    With a 7mm double-flat output shaft (avoid using the "D" output - it's not meant to take rotational load), a built-in clutch (limiting at 60 in.-oz., but easily "locked"), and built-in mounting screw holes, you can see why we like these motors!

    Gear Ratio224:1
    Unloaded RPM (3V)23
    Unloaded RPM (6V)43
    Unloaded Current (3V)45 mA
    Unloaded Current (6V)62 mA
    Stall Current (3V)389 mA
    Stall Current (6V)733 mA
    Stall Torque (3V)42.33 in.-oz. (3048 g-cm)
    Stall Torque (6V)73.55 in.-oz. (5296 g-cm)
    Length70mm (2.76 in)
    Width22.5mm (0.89 in)
    Height37mm (1.46 in)
    Shaft Size9mm; 7mm diameter
    Weight37g (1.3 oz)


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    Overall Customer Rating of 3 Reviews:

    Got these for antweight bot drive motors. Work great. Keep in mind they are huge though. The plastic gearing takes up a ton of space.

    I haven't been using these motors long but so far so good. Been running them non stop on a laser projector i made and they perfect because of the low speed. Overall they do just what there advertised to; slow speed and a decent amount of torque for the size. I looked all over the internet and for the price this is absolutely the best option if you something to go slow and steady.

    I'm using four of these motors on one of my autonomous robots. The motors aren't fast, but they do provide decent torque (expect about the same speed as if you are using modified servos). These are a much better option than servos for extended use in my opinion. It seems like I burn up servos fairly quickly, but haven't run into issues with these motors yet. If you buy the mounting bracket then they are very easy to mount also. Along those lines, if you are looking for easy then you can buy wheels that are made specifically for these wheels, although I don't think Robot Marketplace sells them.