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    A tiny pager motor planetary gearhead 25:1 reduction, with all the following performance specifications: Measuring under 6mm (0.235") diameter, with an overall length of 19.15mm (0.753"), which is smaller than many pager motors! The output shaft is 1.95mm (0.077"), with a flat machined on 1.45mm (0.057" )from the shaft diameter, with an overall shaft length of 2.55mm (0.1"). It's designed for 3V nominal operation, giving 920RPM drawing 100mA. At stall, you get over 0.49in*oz or 35.28gm*cm of torque! We're quite excited about these motors; they're quality made, inexpensive, and tiny! We expect to see lots of nano-sumo robots (25mm cube, or one cubic inch!) built out of these...
    Gear Ratio 25.00:1
    Unloaded RPM (3V) 920
    Unloaded RPM (6V) 1550
    Unloaded Current (3V) 100 mA
    Unloaded Current (6V) 200 mA
    Stall Current (3V) 210 mA
    Stall Current (6V) 350 mA
    Stall Torque (3V) 0.49 in-oz
    Stall Torque (6V) 1.00 in-oz
    Length20.00 mm
    Width6.00 mm
    Height6.00 mm
    Weight1.3 g


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