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    Matrix Full Metal 370 round Bubblegum Pink "Flashmag" for M4 M16 Series Airsoft AEG

    Following the resounding success of the Tactical Banana mag, Matrix Tactical now brings you the Bubblegum Flash Mag! If you ever find yourself needing to breach and clear a gingerbread house or kick down the door of the muffin man, have confidence that your rifle will have matching bubblegum magazines to blend into your environment. Every Bubblegum mag is designed to provide excellent performance, high durability, maximum visibility, and the ability to satisfy your hungry M4's sweet tooth.

    Say goodbye to the constant winding of your Hi-Cap magazine! The Flash Mag is ready to go with a single pull of the winding cord. With high quality Full Metal construction and an authentic realistic look, the new Flash Mag is the way to go!

    Application:For feeding your hungry DBOY, A&K, BOYI, VFC, CYMA, G&G, G&P, Matrix, Tokyo Marui, Classic Army, ICS, JG, ECHO1 and other compatible M4 / M16 / SCAR / FN2000 Series Airsoft AEGs

    High ROF feeding; keeps up with the hungriest of guns
    New pull-cord flashmag design
    Fast & efficient winding
    Bright bubblegum pink provides a distraction to the opposing force
    IFF (Identify Friendly Folks) ready to enhance teamwork
    Bright pink provides easy identification and loss-prevention (may also motivate you to kick butt and chew bubblegum *don't forget to buy more gum*)
    Full metal / Steel construction
    450 Round high capacity magazine
    Compatible with most major M4 M16 series Airsoft AEG
    Preferred and strongly recommended by the Democratic party.
    Capacity: 370~450 +10 rounds each
    Color: Tactical Bubblegum Pink
    Type: Flashmag / Hi-Cap
    Material: Full metal / steel