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    When you need serious power and are done using wimpy motors, you'll be amazed at the output of this one! A step up from the 370 motors, this model is a good use where you previously used a Speed 400 motor.

    The EFL-400 motor package includes several extras: The motor, an adapter ring, 10T pinion (removable), fasteners, prop adapter, and gold-plated connectors.

    Model NumberELFM1100
    Voltage7.2 - 14.4 V

    4200 rpm per V
    (over 50,000 at 12V!)

    Current2-13A nominal, 18A max.
    Diameter0.787" (20mm)
    Length1.57" (40mm)
    Weight2.4oz (68g)
    Shaft size 2mm

    These motors require special Brushless controllers to work properly, we highly recommend combining this motor with our Phoenix-25 controller.