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    The DNO is a popular mid-sized motor control with built-in reversing suitable for use in 12V to 36V applications.

    - 12V, 24V, and 36V operation easily selectable by internal link [default is 24V]. 48V operation is possible, see notes in specification tab.
    - Built-in heavy duty reversing relays.
    - Integral box and heatsink [suitable for most applications].
    - Timed over load trip [controller switches off if high current is sustained].
    - Reverse battery protection.
    - Gain control to adjust top speed.
    - Adjustable acceleration and deceleration ramps.
    - Selectable half speed reverse.
    - Selectable dual ramp reverse switching for a smooth transition from forward to reverse.
    - Peak current 100A. 1 minute current 75A. Continuous current 60A.
    - Expansion connector for double-heading locomotives.
    - Parking brake driver for vehicle applications.
    - Regenerative braking.
    - Input 4k7 ohm to 20k ohm potentiometer, direct voltage control, or PWM control by Pi or Arduino etc.
    - Direct replacement for the VTX range, uses existing wiring.


    Nominal voltage range12, 24, 36 selectable by link on board
    Minimum / maximum voltage12V = 9V – 18V, 24V = 15V – 30V, 36V = 25V – 56V
    Motor current A [max]100
    Motor current A [1 minute]75
    Motor current A [continuous]60 [depends on mounting / cooling]
    Half speed reverseLink selectable
    Regen brakingY
    Gain adjustmentY
    Dimensions [mm]170 x 80 x 49
    Weight [g]395
    Power connections6.3mm push-on blades
    Input5k to 25k pot, or 3 – 20V for full speed [adjustable via gain]
    Reverse polarity protectionY
    Overvoltage protectionY
    Under voltage protectionN [but can be added]
    Pot fault protectionY [>25k]
    Thermal protectionTrip after ~17 seconds at current limit
    Current limit – driveY
    Current limit – regenY
    High pot lockoutN
    Joystick/Wig-wag inputVia joystick accessory board
    Radio ControlVia DMR-203
    Selectable dual ramp reversingY
    Pre-select ReversingY
    RampingAcceleration and deceleration adjustable between 0.1S and 5S
    Parking brakeYes [1A max]
    Inhibit functionN
    Powerdown state (motor)shorted
    Tacho feedbackVia tacho interface board
    Ignition, ElectronicY
    Double headingY
    Switching frequency20 kHz


    Owner's Manual