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    Your favorite 0.25g bb now comes with a re-seal-able sturdy candy bag for easy transportation. You also get to show the world where the best place to buy Airsoft all at the same time! It is the reason it is selected by the biggest Airsoft retailer in the world as the OEM.

    Weight: 0.25 gram / bb
    BB Count: 5,000 (1.25KG). (25% more than the 1kg / 4000 round bags!)
    Precision: 10/10 Super MAX High Grade.
    Diameter: 5.98mm- for zero jamming.

    25% more rounds than the 1kg / 4000 round bags by competitions!
    Precision Manufactured & designed in Japan & Taiwan. Not the Chinese made low quality bb that are inconsistent.
    Warranty: Using BBs ensures that your Airsoft is under warranty!
    Precision tight bore barrel compatible. Suitable for all tight bore barrels carried by
    Made with environmental friendly materials.
    Designed for professional training & gaming by professionals.
    Highest Rating in Accuracy / Grouping / Range / Minimal Jamming.
    Technology / Reliability: Made by the #1 BB Manufacture that provides the biggest selection of high grade bbs.
    Affordable. Factory direct pricing to ensure you don't settle for less and risk damaging your gun.

    Airsoft BB:
    An accurate Airsoft gun starts with precision bb. Precision bbs we carry have diameter as close to your inner barrel as possible with the lowest deviations. To ensure maximum accuracy, range and power without jamming, we are very selective on bbs we carry. Here at, we ensure you the highest quality bb at factory direct pricing, because WE KNOW works with top bb manufactures direct to ensure you the best bb at the best value.
    0.12g: 200~280 fps
    0.20g: 240~370 fps
    0.23g: 330~430 fps
    0.25g: 350~480 fps
    0.28g: 390~500 fps
    0.30g: 400~600 fps
    0.40g: 450~600+ fps
    *This chart to the right is for reference only. The best way to determine the weight that works best with your Airsoft gun is to shoot them. (Due to factors such as hopup, wind, inner barrel diameter, brand,...ect.) It is part of the game to shoot your Airsoft!