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    Capacity (Amp): 1600mah
    Power (V): 9.6v
    Plug Type: Small-Tamiya Female
    Cell Size: 2/3A, 1.2V each
    Number of Cells: 8
    Configuration Type (For Airsoft): Mini / Butterfly
    Cell Chemistry: Ni-Mh
    Manufacture: Intellect / G&P

    - Long Recharge Life cycle.
    - Consistent, reliable power output.
    - Super high capacity for mini type.
    - Advanced Ni-Mh technology. Easy to charge. Does not require discharging.
    - Enhanced ROF (Rate of fire)
    - Reliability: All Matrix brand battery packs are factory direct and sold within a few months, you will never risk buying an old battery pack.
    - Recommended to be charged using a smart charger.