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    The Tornado Grenade family grows with the introduction of the Airsoft Innovations Tornado Impact Grenade. The name says it all: this Tornado Grenade triggers on impact showering any and all surrounding enemies with a flurry of BBs. It is the only combat effective simulation hand grenade in Airsoft.It is the only combat effective simulation hand grenade in Airsoft.

    Tough Yet Sensitive
    Like all of our products, the Airsoft Innovations Tornado Impact Grenade is incredibly well-engineered. The Impact Grenade trigger is sensitive enough that it will fire when armed from as little as a one inch drop onto solid ground, yet won't go off in your hand, even if you're jumping around.

    New Grenade Means New Tactics
    Just because it doesn't go off after a few seconds doesn't mean the Impact Grenade is any less effective or any less useful than the Timer Grenade. Instead of giving your enemies that crucial second to react, to leap out of the way or worse, toss the grenade back to you, the Impact Grenade gives your opponents no time to react.

    More than just an offensive weapon, the Impact Grenade also affords the discerning player interesting defensive capabilities. Leave the Impact Grenade armed and resting on a doorknob as a nasty yet clever trap for would-be intruders.