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    The Angel Custom bucking enhances your accuracy and range by providing larger and more specific contact surfaces between the bb and your hopup rubber. Further more, the V-Shape teeth technology defines the nub on the inside of the bucking in an innovative way to better guide the BB in a more controlled direction resulting in better accuracy and range.
    Common AEG bucking are loose fits due to the nature of the material used. Having a loose inner diameters means you cannot achieve a low deviation of "dead-center" positioning. The Angel Custom bucking achieves the tight fit utilizing H.D.S. silicon to provide shooters the grouping, range and accuracy to outperform. The Angel Custom "Sniper" bucking is tested to provide superior accuracy, range and grouping over Prometheus, Systema, PDI, Fire-fly and other industry leading bucking.
    The complex H.D.S. material manufacturing process also ensure that this bucking not only out-performs, but lasts longer!

    For Optimized Performance the Angel "Sniper" bucking works best with:
    Recommended AEG Power Spring: M110 ~ M140 Spring.
    Recommended BB Weight: 0.25g ~ 0.30g Brand or Matrix Brand compatible bbs.

    Built-in "V-Teeth Technology" for enhanced grouping, accuracy and range
    Made with high grade low / high temperature resistant H.D.S. silicone
    500% more wear resistant over normal AEG hopup rubber
    H.D.S. Hopup Nub Included.
    Enhance maximum range.
    Enhance accuracy.
    Enhance performance.
    Increased rubber bucking and bb contact area.

    Type: Hard, 70 (Recommended for 375~480 FPS)
    Package Includes: Hopup Bucking, Hopup Nub
    Materials: H.D.S. / Strong Tenacity High Density Silicone.
    Color: Angel Red
    Manufacturer: Angel Custom. Designed in Japan.