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    Tested to achieve 20~23 RPS (using a 9.6V 4000mah NiMh battery) and 23~26 RPS (using an 11.1V Lipo Battery).
    Enhanced CNC extra strong pinion gear.
    Smooth and powerful torque-up motor capable of pulling springs up to M160
    Efficient and smooth operation motor draws less power / lower than average power consumption.
    Engineered with high performance ball bearing.
    Copper Brushes Provide Minimal Resistance.
    Type: Long Type
    Application: High Torque. M90~M160 spring / 280 ~ 550 FPS
    Maximum RPM: 27000+ r.p.m. ~850 bb/m (M120 / 8.4v)
    Bearing Count: 4
    Operating Voltage: 4.5V ~ 12V
    Nominal Voltage: 7.4V Lipo, 9.6V NiMh and 11.1V Lipo

    Manufacturer: Evike