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    A beast of a motor, the Black Max is the motor to use when you are done kidding around with the small stuff. This incredible motor packs nearly 4 horsepower under it's hood. It will need a VERY beefy speed controller, or a solenoid-powered switch to be activated because of it's high current draw.

    24V to 36V
    Reversible, Permanent Magnet, center timed
    15.5 pounds
    3400rpm @ 24V (approx 140rpm per volt)
    draws 200 amps normal use, 470 amps at stall
    3.8 horsepower
    5/8" output shaft with 3/16" key slot
    Steel mounting bracket included


    CAD Drawing

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    Just finish barstool racer,will drive to -night have a kelly 300amp controler with this monster motor running 36v 6-12volt 18amp batt on right side of axel on left 51cc 2stroke gas burner,may have to detune powerin the controler for motor 5000rpm to fast may get killed what a way to go!!!!!