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    This is DeWalt's OLD VERSION of its 18vdc replacement motor for its cordless powerdrills of the same voltage.

    This is the original version of the motor that made SO many bots famous. Easily overvoltable to 24 volts, these motors represent the best value in motor power and price. It is simply the best motor you're going to find for the price, and has a very throughoughly proven track record.

    The specific numerical values below reflect those discovered by bot builders, and DeWalt does not approve nor deny them as accurate.

    DeWalt Part #393111-01
    Voltage 18vdc (can be overvolted)
    RPM 20,000 ungeared
    Output gear 16 Teeth, nonstandard pitch
    Weight 18.8oz (1.175lb)
    Length 78mm (3.07")
    Diameter 46mm (1.8")
    Output pinion 16 tooth gear
    Shaft 5mm dia x 7mm
    Armature Resistance: 0.072 Ohms
    Stall Current: 250 Amps
    Torque Constant: 1.2 ozf-in/Amp
    Stall Torque: 300 ozf-in
    Angular-velocity Constant 1100 RPM/v
    No-load Current: 2.6 Amps
    Peak Power: 1.5 HP
    Peak Effeciency: 81%


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