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    Relays are widely used in electrical applications where one circuit is to be energized or turned on by the presence of a voltage, provided by another circuit. Anywhere a switch can go in a circuit, a relay can replace it, (as long as there is a triggering voltage available to activate it). Common use of relays is to activate a light-duty motor, lights, or a larger solenoid. If you're using these in your bot, you will still need some sort of RC switch to activate the relay.

    Dimensions: 1.125" x 1.125" x 1.375" (not including mounting tab or terminals)
    Weight: 1.2 oz

    A relay can be triggered with an electrical pulse as small as 150 milliamps. The switched output can be just about any voltage you want, and as high as 40 amps in these relays.

    The terminals of these relays are defined as follows:
    • 30 is the common or input voltage to be switched.
    • 87a is the normally closed connection (can be used as a switched voltage output when the relay is at rest -This terminal offers no voltage when the relay is energized.)
    • 87 is the normally open connection (switched voltage output only whenthe relay is energized).
    • 85 is connected to the ground of the triggering voltage.
    • 86 is connected to the positive 12V of the triggering voltage.

    Note: in many cases, the connection of pins 85 and 86 can be interchangeable, but NOT if there is a diode wired across the coil.

    Overall Customer Rating of 1 Reviews:

    Great price

    Good solid relays. You can pay an awful lot more for the 20 amp version, but these handle 40 amps on the normally open, and 30 on the normally closed. Thanks!

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