NPC 2212 Motor
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  • NPC 2212 Motor
Item #: 2212
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    This is a great mid-size motor. The 2212 has a dual shaft design so you can run it with two wheels for dual traction, or cut off one side shaft for single wheel drive.

    12V (can not be run higher)
    Reversible, Permanent Magnet
    1/2" shaft diameter
    5.1 pounds
    285rpm / 21:1 gear ratio


    CAD Drawing

    Overall Customer Rating of 4 Reviews:
    Pacific NW

    Great motor

    I used 2 of these on my tank project and they run super smooth and plenty of torque. I cut one side of shaft off to make a left and right motor. I'm using them to drive .38 pitch roller chain to the sprockets. Works great.

    Great motor, low back drive torque

    This looks like a very well constructed motor. it has two large ball bearings supporting the shaft, and has two lip seals protecting the bearings form the environment. There is little to no backlash. It feels very solid. The back drive torque is only about 21 in*lb. This could be a good thing or a bad thing depending on your application. It is not a self-locking gearbox like you might expect from a worm-drive gearbox.

    Fantastic little platform

    Very versatile and well-put-together. Easy to mount due to the 4 1/4-20 threaded holes in the bottom of the gearbox. Comes with two keys (one for each shaft) and each shaft is also tapped with a 1/4-20 threaded hole. Very handy. I used mine to make a giant servo with a pololu controller.

    I've used these motors for a 120lb robot built for an academic competition. Using one motor for each side of the drive system (2 motors total), our robot was able to manuever around the course quickly and climbed 23 degree ramps without any fuss. They're very easy to mount thanks to the tapped holes. The dual shaft design makes it easy to power multiple wheels and the shaft features a key slot to make mounting wheels, sprockets, or pulleys simple. A great motor for not a lot of money.