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    This is the actual drive motor, used on heavyweight BattleBot, Nightmare, way back at the first BattleBots in Long Beach 1999! Own a piece of robot combat history!

    This is one of 2 motors, each is listed separately.

    This motor is nice and fast for a 12V motor, great for heavyweight drive motors. I used these motors in Nightmmare for several events, and never had issues with them.

    12VDC input (can probably be run higher, but I never tried)
    Totally sealed motor/gearbox
    includes convenient mounting bracket
    20:1 gear ratio
    fully reversible
    94rpm @ 12V
    max current: 18.5A
    size: 12.125" length, 11 5/8 including shaft
    Shaft: 5/8 inch x 1.5 inch, keyed
    weight: 11.5lb
    original price: $375

    *Note this motor is being sold AS-IS. It ihas been bench tested to work fine, but it has been sitting a while. No returns will be available on this purchase.

    *Please note: There is only ONE of these available. If you don't see the words "In Stock: 1" above, then it has already sold!