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    This 2-pack of single-cell Lithium Polymer 250mAh battery packs give you lots of extra flight time for your Blade Inductrix FPV, mCX, mCX2, mSR, mSR X, Nano QX, Nano CPX, and UMX AS3Xtra. These batteries are plug-and-play compatible with all of these drones and helicopters as well as the stock chargers. 45C continuous discharge rate.

    These batteries are also great for the ParkZone Vapor, Micro Citabria, Cessna 210, Ember, and the Parkzone Sukhoi among other micro planes.

    Compatible With:
    Blade Inductrix FPV
    Blade mCX
    Blade mCX2 X
    Blade mSR
    Blade mSR X
    Nano QX
    Nano CPX
    UMX AS3Xtra
    Tiny Whoop

    Dimensions (each battery):
    Length: 49 mm (1.93 in.)
    Width: 10.5 mm (0.41 in.)
    Height: 5 mm (0.19 in.)
    Weight: 6 g (0.21 oz.)