From this one page, you can customize just about any LiPo battery pack you can imagine! You design it, and the finished pack(s) will be shipped to you quickly. Start with the voltage and cell type. From there, add wire and connectors. If you want multiples of the pack, enter the total you want to order at the bottom.

The Price and Weight will be updated real-time to help you design your ultimate battery pack. (Note that the weight calculated does not include wires/connectors).

These packs are constructed with highest-quality, fresh cells, and are pre-installed with balance charge adapters and your choice of wire connector, or feel free to order with no connectors, and add your own!

Please note that manufacturing may take up to 7 days, so make sure not to wait to the last minute to place your order!

Cell Type:
Pack Volage:

Wire Size:

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QTY of Packs:

(Wire and connector photos are in scale with each other, pick ONLY what will logically fit together, otherwise your order may be delayed).

Need a custom battery pack you don't see here? We can probably help out, please Email us your request.