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PT16 Z-7 De-Bonder 1oz
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This is a 1oz Bottle of Z-7 CA Glue Debonder from Pacer.FEATURESDebonding agent for all CA glues.Removes cured CA glue.Will not craze most plastics.Odorless.Works by softening the glue so it can be wiped away.Removes glue from fingers and most surfaces.INCLUDESOne 1oz Bottle of Z-7 CA Glue Debonder.SPECIFICATIONS1oz (29.6ml)0-PAAR2300

PT39 Z-Poxy 30 Minute 8oz
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15 min. work time, cures in 30. Great for fiberglass fuselages, boat hulls, skinning foam parts. Equal-mix, accepts balloon filler for forming fillets.Includes4oz Bottle Z-Poxy Resin4oz Bottle Z-Poxy Hardener0-PAAR2208

PT40 Z-Poxy Finishing Resin
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Odorless, equal-mix, Cures in 6 to 8 hours. Easy sanding. Great for glass cloth, sheeting wings. Compatible with many polyester resins. Finishing Resin system is specially formulated to bond fiberglass to wood and foam. Resistant to shock and solvents and is odorless. This Epoxy is resistant to shock and solvents, is non-brittle, easy to sand and has flow characteristics. The total working time of this Resin is 60 minutes, and fully cures in 3 Hours completely clear.Includes6oz Bottle of...

Zap Adhesives Zip Kicker, 2oz
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ZIP KICKER is the best way to accelerate the cure time of all brands of super glues. When sprayed directly on a glued joint it forces the immediate cure of the CA glue. Thick or slow style glues form an instant hard outer shell when sprayed with ZIP KICKER, the catalytic action begins curing the remaining liquid CA at an accelerated rate from the outside in, creating a strong bond. This action allows the creation of small to very large fillets and the ability to fill large gaps or cracks. Wood...

Zap After Run 1 oz
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After-Run Engine Oil is formulated to protect your engine while it's not beingused. It prevents gumming and rust, extends engine life and help your enginestart easier. The oil comes in a convenient 2oz squirt bottle that can be usedfor a prime bottle when empty.DIRECTIONS:-After running engine, simply put a few drops in the engines carb orglow plug port and turn engine by hand a few times. This coats theinternal engine parts and protects them from corrosion.0-PAAP1453 ...

Zap Foam Safe Kicker Pump, 2oz
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Safe on most foam products. Compatible with most other Foam Safe CAs. Works on Balsa, Spruce, Plywood, Plastic and Metals, etc. Forces most CAs to cure in 10 seconds or less. Increases Gap filling and fillet forming compability. Non-fuming formula.2oz. Medium viscosity. 0-PAAPT28

Zap Z-Poxy 15 Minute Epoxy
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Zap A Gap Medium CA+ Glue, 0.25oz
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Fills gaps. Allows 7 to 10 seconds for positioning. Cures in 24 hours. Accelerate with Zap Kicker. Bonds anything, even oily surfaces!0.25oz. Medium viscosity. 0-PAAPT04