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OWI Robotic Arm Edge
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Price: $49.99
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OWI Item #: OWIX0535 -

This is the Robotic Arm Edge Robotics® Kit from OWI®. 2008 Dr Toy Award.Suitable for Ages 10 & Older.FEATURESThis kit is an educational electronic kit. It's designed forexperimenters with some experience in assembling kits withsmall partsCommand the gripper to open and closeWrist motion of 120 degreesBase motion of 180 degreesVertical reach of 15 inchesHorizontal reach of 12.6 inchesLifting capacity of 100gSearch light design on the gripperSafety gear audible indicator is included on...

OWI USB Interface for Robotic Arm Edge
Retail: $39.95
Price: $35.99
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OWI Item #: OWIX0525 -

This is the USB Interface Kit for the Robotic Arm Edge from OWI®.Suitable for Ages 13 & Older.FEATURESOperate the Robotic Arm Edge from your PCThis is an optional USB Interface Kit which connects Robotic ArmEdge to a USB portPC hardware and system requirments:- Operating system: Windows XP / Vista- CPU: Pentium3, 1.0GHz or higher- Memory: 256MB or higher- Hardware disk space: 100MB or more- Display: Super VGA (800x600) or higherColor monitor with high color 16 bits or higherComes complete...

VEX Claw Kit
Price: $19.99
Availability: Temporarily Unavailable
VEX Item #: 276-2212 -

With the Vex Robotics Claw Kit, your robot can easily grab and manipulate various objects. Whether picking up a 20 oz soda-can, or grasping objects as delicate as a feather, this claw is easily up to the task. This claw is compatible with all Vex Mechanical parts. Integrate it into your robot to reach out and touch someone. Motor required and not included. Features Strong enough to hold a 12oz. soda can Dexterous enough to grab a feather Comes partially preassembled Compatible with all Vex...