VEX Robotics Tank Tread Kit
Part# VEX-276-2168

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Tank treads will enable your robot to explore much more demanding terrain than ordinary wheels. Tank treads distribute a vehicle's weight more evenly than wheels, allowing your robot to move more easily in sand or on soft, spongy surfaces into which wheels would sink and bog down. This increased surface area also gives your robot more traction for hauling heavy loads up an incline. And because each link can grip the surface over which it's traveling, a robot with tank treads can more easily climb obstacles or traverse crevasses in which wheels would get stuck.

Climb over obstacles.
Traverse tough terrain.
Drive through sandy or soft spongy surfaces.
Can be used for a robot conveyor belt.
Every section is a master link, create treads of any length.

Technical Info
Length 2 preassembled chains of 85 links (32.75in.) each, total of 65.5in.
Master Links 170 total, each link is a Master Link
Tread Width 1.5 inches
Tread Weight 12 inches of tread weights 0.532 lbs.
Drive Wheel Weight 0.038 lbs.
Single Bogie Wheel Weight 0.040 lbs.
Double Bogie Wheel Weight 0.078 lbs.
Tread Drive Diameter Approx. 2.375in.
Material Delrin plastic
Center Hole Size 0.125in. square
List of Contents
2 Preassembled chains of 85 links (32.75in.)
4 Tank tread drive/idler wheels
4 Double Bogie wheel assemblies
2 Single Bogie wheel assemblies
12 8-32 x 1in. Bogie wheel support screws
12 Keps nuts

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