Xplorer Xero Vision Quadcopter
  • Xplorer Xero Vision Quadcopter - XTRE0100
  • Xplorer Xero Vision Quadcopter - XTRE0100
  • Xplorer Xero Vision Quadcopter
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Item #: XTRE0100
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    This is the Brushless Electric Powered, Radio Controlled, Ready to Fly Xplorer Quadcopter from Xiro.
    A model for all skill levels!

    Radio: Wi-Fi capable, 5.8GHZ transceiver with holder for iOS
    or Android Smartphone, dials for gimbal controls,
    Auto Take-Off/Landing button, Aircraft Connection Indicator,
    Wi-Fi Connection Indicator, GPS Indicator and neck strap
    attachment point
    GPS: Return to Home, and Intelligent Orientation Control mode
    Motors: Brushless
    Safety Features in GPS Flight mode:
    When the Xplorer loses connection with the remote control, it
    returns to the last "connected" position. The Xplorer will try to
    recover the connectivity for 15 seconds before returning to
    the HOME point.
    Safety feature in Attitude Flight Mode:
    When the Xplorer loses connection with the Remote Control in
    Attitude flight mode, it might drift away, but will try to
    reconnect continuously. The Xplorer will start to descend
    slowly when the battery power gets low.
    Low Battery Level Warning Function:
    The Xplorer will trigger the low battery warning on the Remote
    Control when battery capacity is low.
    Critical Low Battery Level:
    Xplorer in GPS mode:
    The rear flight indicators will blink red fast and the Xplorer
    will being to descend and land automatically if the distance
    between the Xplorer and Home point is more than 100 meters. The
    Xplorer will return to Home point if the distance is less than
    100 meters.
    Xplorer in Attitude mode:
    The rear flight indicators will blink red fast and the Xplorer
    will begin to descend to land automatically.

    Xplorer Quadcopter with Foldable, Portable Landing Gear and LEDs for
    Wi-Fi capable, 5.8GHz transceiver
    3s, 5200mAh "Smart" LiPo battery
    Intelligent chargers for Smart battery pack and controller
    Spare propellers and tools
    REQUIRES Mobile Device Requirements: iOS version 8.0 above/Android version
    4.4 or above

    Quad Size: 13.75" (350mm) diameter
    Weight: 2.19bs (995g) RTF
    Flight Time: About 25 minutes
    Prop Size: 9.4 (240mm)
    Flight Battery: 3S 5200mAh LiPo
    Motors: Brushless
    Onboard Navigation Equipment: GPS and Compass
    Flight Modes: GPS and Attitude
    Receives: 5.8GHz
    Transmits: 5.8GHz
    LiPo Battery: 4000mAh 1S 3.7V
    Working Current/Voltage: 3.7v/450mAh
    Maximum Communication Distance: 1640' (500m)
    Operating Temperature: 14-122°F (-10 - 50°C)

    This version DOES NOT come with a gimbal or camera, but you can
    add those items.