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    These tiny connectors (Deans 2R model) are extremely small, for applications where you need a plug but don't have much space. How small are they? You could stack four of these connectors and still be less than 1 inch tall! 1 pack contains 1 pair of connectors and two heat-shrink sections.

    This unique polarized connector allows a connection that makes it impossible for you to plug in reverse polarity or to short against a metal surface. Works great for battery connectors in your small robot- use in place of a power switch! They also happen to be just the right size for small robot speed controllers.

    Don't judge them by their size, these connectors can still handle 20 amps or more! The latest in injection molding technology greatly increases the quality of the plastic body. An added ridge on the rear of the body allows easy connection and disconnection. Color coding provides visual identification of the input and output on the electronic speed control. Additionally, pin spacing has been standardized throughout the line. The new Micro Series maintains the high standard Deans has set in the industry, for ultra efficient, high quality connectors.