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    This is a Complete Line of Hob-E-Lube Lubricants from Woodland Scenics.
    It's a 7-Pak Workbench Assortment of Precision Craft Lubricants for Craftsmen.
    Hob-E-Lube, by Woodland Scenics, is a complete, special-purpose line of
    lubricants precision designed for tough, close-tolerance model requirements.
    All Hob-E-Lube lubricants have been thoroughly researched for use with trains,
    R/C cars, planes, and boats and are plastic and paint compatible. This super-
    saver 7-Pak Workbench Assortment includes all lubricants plus detailed
    instructions spelling out precise applications and the exact lubricant to use.
    Hobby and household uses are almost limitless.

    Dry Graphite with Molybdenum will not attract dust or dirt, has good
    adherence properties, and clings to sliding surfaces. Ideal for
    wood, metal, plastic, and rubber.
    Dry White Lube is white and non-staining. It will not
    attract dust and dirt nor conduct electricity and may be used on
    wood, metal, plastic, and rubber.
    Ultra-Lite Oil is an extremely light viscosity oil formulated for
    model use with small and precision parts. Ultra Lite penetrates
    and lubricates close-tolerance areas.
    Lite Oil is a multi-viscosity, general-purpose hobby lubricant
    formulated for most light load-bearing applications. All oils aid
    in preventing rust, but Lite Oil makes an ideal rust preventative
    when used as a coating prior to storage.
    Gear Lube is a tough, long lasting, heavy-duty hobby lubricant with
    tack additive for anti-drip adherence. Use on small gears and at
    high-friction points.
    Moly Grease with molybdenum covers the entire surface and maintains
    viscosity at high temperature. A high load-bearing and waterproof
    grease that stays put.
    White Grease is a non-staining, clean lubricant, with
    super-slippery properties. It's waterproof and protects
    against corrosion.
    Ultra-Lite Oil, Lite Oil, and the Gear Lube all come with extension
    tips for application.

    One 7-Pak Package of Workbench Assorted Hob-E-Lube Lubricants

    Dry Graphite: Net Weight: .21 oz/6 grams
    Dry White Lube: Net Weight: .125 oz/3.5 grams
    Ultra-Lite Oil: Net Weight: .5 fl oz/15 ml
    Lite Oil: Net Weight: .5 fl oz/15ml
    Gear Lube: Net Weight: .5 fl oz/15ml
    White Grease: Net Weight: 1/3oz/9.7 grams
    Moly Grease with Molybdenum: Net Weight: 1/3oz./9.7 grams