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    The Wasp is a small low-cost high-performance single channel H-bridge speed controller for DC motors, and other electrical loads. The Wasp is designed for small combat robots, sumo robots, and other small robots such as firefighting robots, maze solvers and carpet rovers. The Wasp may also be used to drive pneumatic valves, solenoids, relays, thermoelectric coolers, and magnetic torque devices that require bi-directional control.

    By making use of advanced autmototive grade components the Wasp is able to pack robust high power handling capability in the smallest package. Ultra reliable power MOSFETS with overload protection. Micro sized, 1 channel 10A cont. 30A peak, 6.5V-28V H-bridge, with R/C interface. 1.85" x 0.65" x .45" All Wasps include loose shrink wrap for user mounting, and pre-soldered R/C leads.

    Size: .65 x 1.85 x .44in.
    Weight: 9.0 grams with servo lead installed
    Standard R/C pulse format
    Calibrate function to match unit to radio signal range. Settings retained in EEPROM non-volatile storage.
    6.5V to 28V battery voltage (>18V requires an external 5V supply)
    Fully reversible H-bridge design. Equal power handling in both directions
    10A continuous, 30A peak current
    Full current limiting and over temp limiting. This thing is nearly blow proof!
    Limit switch inputs to stop motion in one direction when closed. Motion is allowed in the other direction.
    Indicator LED for speed and direction of motor
    Status LED status information and mode indications
    Receiver battery eliminator circuit (BEC) standard - may be disabled. This can provide up to 100 mA of current at 5V to the RC receiver and other attached electronic circuits. (Must be de-rated for input voltage above 16V)
    Failsafe shuts off motor if R/C signal is lost
    FLASH-based microcontroller with upgradeable software via in-circuit programming header
    Ceramic oscillator (crystal) for stable operation at all temperatures
    Optional 4 position screw terminal may be user soldered to top or bottom of PCB for easy removal of battery and motor wires (sold separately)
    Capable of supporting I2C or serial command streams. Not supported by stock R/C software but user may replace the stock code if desired. Contact us if you would like to discuss custom software for your application.


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    Overall Customer Rating of 2 Reviews:

    Worked fine

    Not sure what the problem was for the other poster here, but these worked fine for me. I was only using motors that drew about 6A each. I'm guessing the other guy probably exceeded the amp rating or voltage rating. My motors were 12V. Worked great for several hours straight, and I've used this setup multiple times over the past few months. Zero problems! No complaints here.

    Speed controllers DOA

    I bought two of these ESCs for the bot I am building. When they arrived I hooked them up to test everything, and I discovered that they both had some serious issues. Both ESCs would randomly reverse the direction of the motor at full throttle (which is very hard on the motors), and one of them would repeatedly lose power. They even burned out one of my motors within a few minutes of testing. From my experience so far I would not recommend these ESCs unless they really step up their game on quality control.