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    This 6 volt (2 amp) regulator allows you to use a 2 cell (7.4 volt) lipo battery pack to power your servos. Servos react faster and with more torque when powered by 6 volts. Even more important, by using our regulator you get the added benefit of consistent voltage to your servos for every time you run your car or fly your plane. With a normal RX battery pack, voltage decreases, meaning your servos slow down as the day goes on. This product is a must for 3D flyers and nitro car drivers.

    Input Voltage: 7.0 - 8.4V (minimum 6.65V)
    Output Voltage: 6.0V
    Maximum Watts: 15 watts
    Maximum Amps: 2.5 amps
    Wire Length: Battery Side - 8.5 in., Receiver Side - 7 in.
    Weight: 17 grams