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    MonoKote is a patented, flexible high-gloss polyester film that is inexpensive, easy, clean, and (when compared to "old fashioned" coverings) quick to use.

    Super strong with a tensile strength of 25,000 psi (pounds/sq in)
    Lightweight at only 0.2 oz/sq ft
    Dry adhesive activates when heat is applied
    Shrinks to a drum-tight finish as it cools
    High gloss finish
    Fuelproof and waterproof
    Stronger and lighter than traditional silk and dope coverings
    May be cleaned with glass cleaner, "409", or MonoKote Cleaner/Polish

    One roll (25' x 26") Dove Gray covering, instructions
    REQUIRED: Sealing Iron,Heat Gun, Iron Sock

    Not for use directly on foam!
    (EconoKote can be used on top of, but not under MonoKote.)

    Temperature ranges:
    Attaching to wood (activating the glue): 215 - 240°F
    Partial shrinkage: 230 - 270°F
    Maximum shrinkage: 270 - 350°F